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Why we need shock absorber?

At the present days, the competition in the market is getting bigger, and the acceleration of the production schedule is the fundamental way for enterprises to survive. Therefore, the easiest way to increase production volume is to increase the speed of the production machine, but this can easily lead to excessive vibration and noise, which may damage the machinery. Therefore, in this case, product verification would often render unqualified result, and because of the speed of the machine, excessive impact will also cause a significant drop in safety, which may cause irreparable damages.

CJAC's industrial shock absorber reduces vibration and noise in automated machinery and converts the kinetic energy generated by moving objects into heat energy, and that is later released into the air. Therefore, it is possible to effectively balance the object during the operation, thereby increasing the efficiency of the machine, and increasing the productivity and prolonging the life of the machine. As a result, it can reduce the maintenance cost, stabilize the mechanical operation, and improve the product quality. This design makes the operation of the machine safer, reducing accident rates, making the working environment comfortable; therefore improves personnel efficiency, and ultimately, it help increase the competitive advantage of the enterprise.

  • Increase productivity
  • Prolong machine lifespan
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Simplified design
  • Reduce vibration noises
The buffering effect of CJAC’s shock absorber

Compared with other absorber items such as springs, PU rubbers, cylinder buffers, dampers, etc., the resistance required to stop the same moving object may vary depending on the buffer items. However, only CJAC's industrial shock absorber can smoothly and quietly stop moving objects with minimal force. Through a specially designed oil hole system, CJAC's industrial shock absorber provides a nearly constant resistance throughout the absorbing. This force is called linear deceleration. All the kinetic energy of the moving object is converted into heat and is dissipated into the surrounding environment. Springs, PU rubbers, cylinder cushions, or other rubber-like materials consume only a small portion of the kinetic energy, while most of the energy is stored in the form of elastic potential energy, so at the end, it is inevitable that it produces very large resistance and rebound. Others, such as dampers, have a large impact force at the beginning of the buffer due to the lack of a well-designed oil hole system.


(Image 1)

The design and structure of CJAC shock absorber

This chart is a typical shock absorber structure. When the impact head is stimulated by an external force, it will drive the piston rod to push the piston to squeeze the hydraulic oil in the inner tube. After the hydraulic oil is pressed, the specially designed oil drain will be applied from the inner tube. The holes flow out and also flow into the accumulator system. During the flow of the hydraulic fluid, the damper produces a curved damping effect that smoothly decelerates linearly until it stops. At this time, the external kinetic energy has been converted into the thermal energy of the buffer, and then the heat is dissipated into the air. Such a design can achieve energy circulation. When the external force disappears, the return spring returns the piston rod to the starting position, and it will wait for the next action. According to this principle, the shock absorber will be able to stop the moving object smoothly and effectively.

11Impact cap
22impact head
33Piston rod
44Oil seal
66Pressure accumulating cotton
88Oil drain hole
99Inner tube
1010Outer tube
1111Check valve
1212Return spring
1313Hydraulic oil
1414Adjustment bolt
1515Adjustment sleeve
1616Adjustment knob
Shock absorber
Quality tests of CJAC’s shock absorber

The quality of shock absorber has always been the highest guiding principle of CJAC's business operations. Through industry-university cooperation, we continue to break through the cooperation with professional testing manufacturers to meet the important demands of CJAC's standard of shock absorber operation, which includes function testing, product lifespan testing, new product development, safety confirmation, etc. All of our tests are thoroughly checked by quality assurance personnel, and the process is accurate and objective. All the shock absorber performance data such as impact force, energy absorption, impact velocity and force-stroke relationship diagrams can be obtained.


(Force-travel diagram)

Installation notices

In order to better exploit CJAC's industrial shock absorber, we hope that you can pay attention to the following notices during the installation and use:

  • Heat and incinerate are forbidden because they are dangerous.
  • In order to maintain the safety of the machine, it is prohibited from being used after disassembly.
  • It is forbidden to paint on the teeth and the shaft so as to avoid affecting the heat dissipation effect and oil leakage issues.
  • Pay attention to the strength and eccentric angles of the fixing plate during installation.
  • Install two or more absorbers on the same side. Check if the displacement is synchronized.
  • Please pay attention to the torque during installing and fixing procedure, so as not to affect the fixed strength or damage the mechanical structure.
  • Do not litter oily products.
  • Be aware of the working temperature and environment.
Please consider some issues while you are choosing shock absorbers

There are many types of shock absorbers, and because of their wide range of uses, different shock absorbers also have different characteristics. If the working condition of the shock absorber is not fully considered, it cannot fully exert its performance and function. Therefore, in order to better adapt the work of the shock absorber, we need you to consider the following conditions:

  • Moving direction (horizontal, vertical, rotational)
  • Quality of the moving objects
  • Additional propulsion force (pneumatic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, motor)
  • Maximum impacting speed
  • Impact rates per hour
  • Installation numbers on the same side

For more application information, please contact CJAC

  • Reduce equipment wear and extend mechanical life.
  • Reduce maintenance costs and absorb impact energy.
  • Reduce vibration noise and speed up mechanical frequency.
  • Improve and increase productivity
  • Improve the enterprise competitiveness
The application of shock absorber

In the field of industrial automation equipment, since the movement of the equipment cannot be controlled manually, but controlled by the control valve setting value, so a shock absorber must be used to absorb the deceleration braking at the end of the end of the equipment. Therefore, the application is extremely extensive, such as:

  • Robotic arm, take-out arm, feeding equipment, screen printing machine, pad printing machine, conveyor, transport machinery, electronic machinery
  • Lab, tutorial equipment, working machine, food packaging machinery, rubber and plastic machinery
  • Automotive & motorcycle manufacturing, woodworking, construction machinery, and air transportation industry
  • Defense military facility, medical and health equipment, power environmental protection equipment
  • Port facility, automatic warehouse devices, amusement part safety device.

If you have specific demands, please contact CJAC.

How to order your shock absorber