Product details

Dual-side damper

ADA Series

Product introduction

ADA Series

The ADA series is a Dual-side adjustable hydraulic damper. This product contains two adjustment knobs that control the damping force in both the stretching and compression directions, thus it is able to control the speed and time of moving objects. Such a design can be used for the improvement of smoothness and controllability of the operation of the mechanical equipment. When an appropriate speed is determined, it can be further fixed by adjusting the screw on the knob to prevent the knob from rotating during actions.

  • Material
    Outer pipe:Anodized carbon steel and aluminum alloy; nickel plating and other treatments are also added in order to enhance rust resistance
    Axis:Hard chromium treatment plus special seals for longer lifespan
  • Speed range
  • Temperature range
  • Installation Methods
    CJAC provides you with various installation methods such as fish eyes and U-clips. We also offer customized solutions according to customers’ demands.
  • If you have custom demands
    CJAC is able to customize solutions based on your requirements.

Performance parameter