Product details

Hydraulic speed controller

HR-K Series

Product introduction

HR-K Series

The HR25-K is a brand new product that is free of the structural design of traditional seals. This product is designed and protected in the precise space of the oil bladder actuation position, which would avoid cracking issues due to pressure accumulation expansion. In addition, this product uses a folding oil tank design structure in order to connect the piston rod with a telescopic action to adjust the storage and storage pressure of the oil, and converts it into a functionality of releasing the piston rod. Regarding the design, because there is no seal (oil seal) oil tank at both ends fixed design, so there is no need to worry whether oil leakage would happen, rendering no pollution concerns. We use special oils that do not cause temperature rise due to load, resulting in differences in propulsion speed. The fine adjustment of the propulsion load can be from 0 (lightest load) to over 30 (heavy load). In the step-less fine adjustment, each scale can clearly and accurately reflect the fine adjustment effect. The compact design of the product is suitable for food-grade equipment, medical equipment, optical equipment and related automatic production of pneumatic, hydraulic pressure-controlled mechanical equipment.

  • Tips
    Safe operation stroke is 24.6mm
  • Tips
    Piston rod rotation is forbidden.
  • Tips
    This product cannot have a moving load with an off-angle

Performance parameter



Minimum propulsion force
Axial reversion force
The propelling force that can propelling forward 25.4mm at 1 second
The propelling force that can propelling forward 101mm at 1 second
Piston rod return time
Travel time after specific force value(4,400)
Travel time after specific force value(2,200)
Travel time after specific force value(400)
Working temperature 5~50
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