CJAC shock absorbers, maintenance equipment is efficient and stable



The shock absorbers developed by CJAC can provide more stable and sensitive buffer control and safety protection for intelligent mechanical equipment/The picture shows chairman Lin Kunyuan (right), business director Lin Furou (left). Photo/Chen Renyi

C-JAC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. specializing in shock absorbers, hydraulic speed controllers and other professional fields for more than 30 years.The products of CJAC are successfully marketed in Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and other international markets.Whether applied to shock control, motion, safety products, vibration and so on can provide superior buffer control solutions, is a lot of domestic and foreign well-known large factory long-term partner.

CJAC chairman Lin Kunyuan said CJAC shock absorbers can absorb the motion of the moving object produced and applied in chi moving machinery can reduce the vibration and noise, the movement of the object of kinetic energy into heat energy release in the air, because the smooth in action can be effective to stop, can provide mechanical equipment operation efficiency, prolong mechanical life, reduce maintenance costs, And can provide linear deceleration for moving objects, reduce the vibration, noise and provide safety protection in equipment work, can be widely used in mechanical arm, automobile production line, bottle blowing machine, silk printing machine, injection molding machinery and other intelligent production equipment.

Business director Lin Furou and stressed shock absorbers is an important part to protect the safety of equipment, although it is only a small part of many equipment to improve energy efficiency, butshock absorbers can increase the speed of equipment at the same time, protect the safety of equipment, reduce noise, and thus achieve the purpose of extending the service life.

Lin fu-rou said that when mechanical equipment operation failure, the company's  shock absorbers can provide smooth and linear mechanical deceleration equipment, can effectively reduce the impact of mechanical equipment or personnel damage.

Especially, CJAC  shock absorber are through strict calculation and rigorous testing, to ensure every one secure 100% products accord with the actual use requirements, customers can be fully used in security risk of mechanical device terminal, the shock absorber is mainly for machinery and equipment and emergency stop public facilities to provide security protection, It can be used in many safety risk equipment and facilities, such as automatic storage equipment, elevators, railway facilities, port machinery, amusement facilities, etc.