CJAC Industrial Co., Ltd.,


Founded in 1987 in Taipei, CJAC industry has its own CJAC.The brand has solid productivity. It has constantly made breakthroughs and innovations in R & D technology and expanded its products to meet the needs of different fields in the industry. Manufacturing and providing high-quality components has become a key link in industrial automation and industrial upgrading. It has laid a solid foundation in Taiwan. Now, its service scope has reached the international level and is highly recognized.

CJAC industry mainly produces hydraulic buffers, precision speed stabilizers, air pressure guided check valves, etc., which are widely used in industries, railways, sightseeing and recreation, electrical, storage and transportation, etc., which must take safety as consideration and introduce buffer mechanism into the industrial scope. Just like the development concept of the core product of "heavy buffer", how to make the high-speed train stop safely is indispensable The car stopper installed at the end of the rail effectively shows the force to eliminate rebound and stop stably. The product is filled with hydraulic oil and nitrogen. When impacted by external force, the piston rod is pressed into the cylinder body, forcing the hydraulic oil to flow out from the orifices of different sizes and into the oil storage chamber. As the stroke decreases, the orifice is gradually closed, so as to realize the linear reduction of moving objects Speed, prevent collision and ensure safety.

We sincerely invite officials and enterprises from all walks of life to come to Taipei Int’l Fluid Power Exhibition 2020  q119 booth to exchange views on the achievements of "buffering", "shock suppression", "damping" and "speed stabilization" in the past 33 years.