Vibration Control

Vibration absorbing rates can achieve 97%, and it is capable of conducting absorbing and driving mechanism.

Pneumatic retracting spring can absorb vibration and can drive loads, which is composed of metal cover and rubber capsule. By adding air inside the capsule, the two functions are thus achieved.

Vibration absorbing is achieved by the air that is with lesser frequency, render 97% vibration absorbing. Meanwhile, driving loads is achieved by using the added air as the driving power. These two functions are activated by the modification of air pressures.

Vibration Control(图1)

It offers stable operation environment for precision devices

With the continuous upgrading of industrial innovations, many companies have higher demands for the accuracy of production and measuring equipment, and the requirements of the operation equipment are more stringent, such as: semiconductor, laser processing, precision machining, measuring instruments, optical imaging, etc.

Vibration Control(图2)


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